Our Whitepaper


Bodacious! Welcome to the shell-raising world of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles with Cowabunga Coin! We ain’t fooling around here, dudes. We’re about to turn the crypto space into a gnarly adventure that’s as action-packed as a TMNT pizza party!


Our turtles each bring something unique to our righteous mission, and so does each element of our tokenomics. With a total token supply of 4,000,000,000 – that’s one billion for each turtle – we’re set to make waves in the crypto world.

35% Presale (Leonardo):

Our fearless leader, guiding us with a radical presale. We’ve got 1.4 billion tokens ready for early investors. Remember, Leo wouldn’t back out of a challenge, so get in on the action!

20% Liquidity (Donatello):

Donnie keeps the team in check with his technical prowess, and that’s why we’re allocating 800 million tokens to liquidity. Smooth transactions are the name of the game, and we plan to make them as sleek as Donnie’s Bo staff.

25% Community Rewards & Airdrops (Michelangelo):

Mikey’s all about fun and community, so we’re throwing 1 billion tokens to community rewards and airdrops. As Mikey would say, “Life is like a slice of pizza. It’s just plain beautiful.”

10% CEX Listings (Raphael):

Raph provides the defense and that’s why we’re dedicating 400 million tokens to CEX Listings, giving Cowabunga Coin the exposure it needs to stand tall against the Foot Clan.

10% Strategic Partnerships (Casey Jones):

Casey Jones represents the unexpected allies we find on our journey. We’re allocating 400 million tokens to strategic partnerships, striking collaborations as fiercely as Casey swings his hockey stick.

With the amount raised of $500,000, this puts the initial cost per token at just over $0.000357. Get your nunchucks ready and grab your slice of the action!

Roadmap (Master Splinter's Wisdom)

Q3 2023 is when the real adventure begins:

Trading Volume:

Cowabunga Coin is about to take off, just like one of Donnie’s inventions. Our focus? Increasing our trading volume to levels as high as Mikey’s pizza stack!

CEX Listings:

When it comes to broadening our reach, we’ve learned from the best. Raph didn’t become a skilled ninja by staying at home. We’re bringing Cowabunga Coin to the biggest exchanges out there!


“Turtle Power” isn’t just a battle cry – it’s our marketing mantra. Get ready for Cowabunga Coin to grab headlines from here to Dimension X.


So, what are you waiting for, dudes? Dive in, grab a slice of pizza, and shout “Cowabunga!” because with Cowabunga Coin, every day is a radical adventure.


Like Master Splinter always said, “Wisdom is the enemy of ignorance.” Please do your own research or consult a financial advisor before investing in Cowabunga Coin. Cryptocurrency investments, including Cowabunga Coin, carry substantial risk. Just remember, as a Ninja Turtle, we learn not just to fight, but to be wise.